our fellowship:

– envisions a place that will give people another chance, not just another church
– encourages people to be open and honest about their own spiritual condition – and seek help
– promotes freedom of worship within the guidelines of scripture for the New Testament Church

our commitment :

We will:

– Make evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care our priorities

– Encourage freedom in worship which glorifies God and encourages believers
– Encourage every member to play their part in church life
– Seek to develop the gifts and ministries of all members
– Encourage a Spirit-filled life and ministry
– Accept differences in doctrine but resist divisiveness
– Aim for biblical ideals but deal with realities
– Try to help people from where they are at present rather than where we would like them to be
– Pursue those activities that advance the Kingdom of God
– Pursue stragglers
– Invest our money in God’s Kingdom, not Man’s
– Be sensitive to our members’ feelings whilst seeking the greatest good. Tell us if we hurt you!
– Be open to change providing it does it does not detract from our fundamental beliefs or clash with our church ethos

our care:

Caring for one another – Pastoral

Adoring our God – Worship

Reaching out to the lost – Evangelism

Instructing the believers – Discipleship

Neighbourly compassion – Community

Global awareness – Missionary

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