pray winter 2016

If you feel we can assist you in prayer it is our privilege to do so and promise to bring your requests before God. You can email us ( to share your prayer requests and we promise to bring it before God.

We have a regular prayer meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm and also on Sundays at 10:45am and 6:45pm. We also have a dedicated time for prayers for healing at our Sunday morning services. 

You would be very welcome to join us.


Prayer is a privilege

The simplicity of prayer is the child talking to his father and yet the majesty of prayer is the creature speaking to its Creator. Prayer is therefore that vital relationship we enjoy with a loving God who invites us to come and lay before him our burdens, cares and worries. This invitation however is so much more than an opportunity to offload our earthly troubles but the path to a deeper experience and appreciation of God, who loves us with a love so incomparable and incomprehensible that we will find ourselves expressing our joy through words of praise and adoration as we release our cares to Him who cares for us.

Prayer is powerful

However, prayer is also a battle ground where wars are fought and won as Dr. J.I. Packer says “Biblical christian experience, whatever else it is, is active battling throughout, inwardly against the flesh, outwardly against the world, and in both against the devil”. This is when prayer becomes the vital power of the spirit of God helping us to persevere and not give up. At Crossroads we believe in prayer and we believe in the power of prayer therefore it is at the heart of our ministry.

Prayer is personal

No one can express prayer more effectively than the person who needs to pray; true prayer is that personal, intimate communication with God that requires no audible expression but the silent longings of the heart. However there are times when prayer is difficult and strength is low. This is when the fellowship of prayer becomes an important help for us all.

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