his story… still being told…

100 years ago the hills of Craigantlet experienced a special visitation of God when a number of people were saved as the result of a “tent mission” conducted by 2 Scottish missionaries.

In the months that followed a little church was established and a small hall was built to meet in. With the work started and more people attending, the work of the Mission hall grew and they began to send their own missionaries around the world. For 90 years it continued to meet and the “Tin Tabernacle” on the hill became a symbol of faithful witness.

In 2001 a very important decision was taken and the mission approached Crossroads, which had been formed just 6 years earlier, with a request to take ownership of their hall and build for the future. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, over 100 years later, Crossroads Church is also learning how to be faithful and wait upon the Lord to open up a way to continue the work established in 1911. Work has begun on the site, to construct a new church building.

This too, is a step of faith!

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